Tradition, innovation and creativity

Tradition, innovation and creativity

Our history

Tradition, innovation and creativity

Our history
monica neri founder of legu

“I chose legumes for their low carbohydrates and sugar levels, and also because they belong to our rich rural heritage wich is very much a “forgotten” food source these days.”

100% natural

Legumes and cereals (ÙNICA®) are first left to soak, steamed whole, dried and grounded.

100% italian

The origin is guaranteed 100% Italian and gluten-free.


Farm to table sustainability is a focus of LEGÙ® business strategy: “we take a natural approach, from raw materials to production to distribution.

Products innovative and natural

Products innovative
and natural.

LEGÙ® has developed new, convenient and delicious products from steamed legumes by creating new products while retaining all of the associated health benefits.

Easy and fast solutions


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100% Italian and Natural

Latest recipes

Spiced Seed Crackers recipe

Spiced Seed Crackers recipe

5 min | 60 Kcal

legumes patty recipe

Legumes patty recipe …

3 min | 109 Kcal

cheese cake recipe

Cheese cake

15 min | 109 Kcal

non è pasta risottata recipe

Pasta non pasta risottata

3 min | 210 Kcal

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