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In 2015 Monica Neri, with creativity, study and passion, gave life to LEGÙ®. With a specific training course (from hospitality to a degree in Economics of the agri-food system) you discovered the world of legumes, their incredible properties and variations in cooking, combined with prevention and health. A personal event gave birth to the idea.

A personal event gave birth to the idea:

“When I had diabetes during pregnancy I went back to legumes, to consume less carbohydrates and more fiber. My grandmother Ida, of Mantuan origin, ate legumes every day and always told me that they were the meat of the poor.”

LEGÙ® was created to bring legumes, a now forgotten peasant food, back to the table in new forms.

Philosophy and Innovation

LEGÙ® is research, innovation and constant experimentation, inspired by a single great principle:

the food must be healthy, tasty and simple to prepare,
absolutely 100% natural and must respect the environment.

LEGÙ® brings back to the table legumes, an authentic pillar of the Mediterranean diet (Unesco cultural heritage).

LEGÙ® reinvents the way to consume legumes,
creating new products that are much faster to prepare.

“Legumes are a second course source of protein comparable to meat, fish and eggs”.
Source: WHO – World Health Organization


100% Made in Italy


Source of protein

Quick to prepare


Sustainability is at the heart of our company philosophy: from raw materials, through production to distribution.

LEGÙ® carefully selects the best raw materials. The origin of the legumes is guaranteed by a 100% Italian supply chain and gluten-free right from the field.

Foods that are good for health are also sustainable for the planet. The production of vegetable proteins has a low environmental impact and guarantees significant water savings and reduced CO2 emissions.

Our packaging is eco friendly, printed with water-based inks and without solvents. The material is 100% recyclable or totally compostable from renewable sources (100% cellulose).

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