collect points and save

Join our new points collection program and earn points on every purchase to redeem on any future order.

How does our points collection work?

REGISTRATION: You earn 2 points if you register on our site with USER and PASSWORD

PURCHASES: Get 1 POINT for each 2 EURO spent with your orders placed on the site

REVIEWS: You earn 2 points for each review you write on the products you have purchased on our site approved and published by the staff

From what date are the points calculated?

Each user’s points are calculated from orders starting September 1, 2021

How much points do I earn for each successful purchase on your site (order delivered to the recipient)?

For every order you earn 1 point for every 2 euro spent.
The points count excludes:
– shipping costs,
– the amounts paid with discount coupons and credit,

Points are awarded rounded up
Ex: Order value net of points calculation: 3,5 €. Accumulated points 2.
The points you will get are highlighted in the individual product sheets and summarized in your cart

How can I use the accumulated points?
To use the points, you must convert them into credit. Once converted, they can be used to pay for your future orders as an additional payment method that will be proposed to you when choosing the order payment method.

Is there a minimum limit for converting points into a Credit?
You must have at least 200 points to get the 10 euro discount.

When do the accumulated points expire?
The accumulated points have a duration of 12 months from the date of issue. Customers will receive a reminder email close to the deadline.

Do all purchased items generate points?
All articles generate points

How much are the points worth?
1 point is equivalent to 2 euro. Every 100 points collected you get a 5 euro discount coupon.