Detox Smoothie Kit - 1 day


Purify your body thanks to the power of nature and the effect of a semi-fast within everyone's reach.

High quality fresh fruit and vegetable smoothie, with the addition of functional nutrients. Produced in a natural way, deriving simply from ripe fruit and vegetables and without the use of preservatives, dyes, additives and acidifiers.

The biodetox program consists of 6 smoothies (slim, detox, energy, antiage, dren and protein) to be consumed within a day, ideal for those who for the first time want to experience the benefits of a fasting mimic and reactivate the metabolic processes by doing full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Peso: 6x220ml

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Features: reduces abdominal swelling and intestinal heaviness, improving digestion and giving a sense of lightness.
How to use: drink around 8:00.
Ingredients: apple, pineapple, carrot, papaya, ginger.

Features: helps toxins escape from the body and does not allow stress to affect your day.
How to use: drink around 10:30.
Ingredients: green apple, fennel, celery, broccoli, lemon, mint, milk thistle, spirulina.

Features: it helps to maximize the available energy.
How to use: drink around 13:00.
Ingredients: apple, lemon, tamarind, agave, cayenne pepper, radiant rosy.

Characteristics: keeps cells and tissues young and active, counteracting aging.
How to use: drink around 3:30 pm.
Ingredients: apple, orange, pomegranate, carrot, beetroot, lemon, acai berry, maca.

Features: frees the body from excess fluids and swelling of the belly and legs.
How to use: drink around 18:00.
Ingredients: apple, melon, pear, cabbage, lemon, chia seeds, parsley.

Features: supports the building and maintenance of strong and healthy muscle mass,
essential for a fast metabolism.
How to use: drink around 20:00.
Ingredients: apple, banana, almond, quinoa, hemp seeds.

DOSE AND METHOD OF USE: consume the biodetox smoothies in the order and at the times indicated, without eating anything else during the day. Shake well before use.

1 day a week even every week to stimulate the body's purification processes.
2 consecutive days to reduce swelling and stimulate metabolism.
3 consecutive days even once a month when you feel the desire for a deep purification accompanied by weight loss.

The Longevity Suite's suggestion: 5 days spread over a month to regenerate your metabolism: 2 days the first week, and 1 day a week the next 3.

WARNINGS: store in a cool and dry place, away from direct sources of light and heat. The validity date refers to the product properly stored, in unopened package. Once opened, keep refrigerated and use the product within 2 days. The entire detox smoothie line contains traces of almonds and celery.

Combine the biodetox smoothies with a diet low in animal proteins and rich in cereals, vegetables, water and proteins of vegetable origin.

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