Fusilli – 3 Legumes


Our Fusilli are lighter and more digestible because the legumes are first left to soak, steamed whole, dried and ground.

CharacteristicsGluten Free – 100% Natural
Rich in protein – Rich in fiber
High yieldPortion of 50 g = 120 g after cooking
Servings4 large portions
Cooking Time


2/3 minutes

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Ingredients: steamed legumes flour in variable portion with white beans, chickpea, shelled yellow peas.

Allergen free

Preparation: Cook in boiling water for 3 minutes. Season simply: oil, cheese, vegetables, pesto or fish sauce. Tomato sauce is not recommended.

Characteristics: Gluten free, Slowly dried and bronze drawn protein, gluten free and organic pasta made in Italy. High source of vegetable protein and fibres content, vegan, suitable for everyone.

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Weight250 g



Pasta 100% Legumes