Health Bag Kit


The kit that nourishes your well-being with a perfect weekly dose of Legumes.

In the kit you will find:

  • Single servings of LEGÙ® Eliche + risotto pasta recipe
  • Single-serving snacks pizzaiola
  • Single-serving snacks rosemary
  • Family-pack snack quinoa, lemon and white pepper
  • Corn, almnond and vanilla biscuits
  • Intrecci corn, legumes and millet for two people
  • Meatball Mix
  • 1 vegan amaretti
  • 1 LEGÙ® canvas bag

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ELICHE 4 LEGUMES: steamed white bean flour, steamed chickpea flour, steamed hulled yellow lentil flour, steamed yellow pea flour.

TRIANGOLI ROSEMARY: 97% Flour from steamed Italian legumes in varying proportions of (white beans, chickpeas, yellow lentils and yellow peas), whole sea salt, rosemary. Gluten Free.

TRIANGOLI PIZZAIOLA: steamed red lentil flour, 5% pizzaiola mix (tomato, paprika, oregano, onion), whole sea salt. Gluten Free.

TRIANGOLI QUINOA, LEMON AND PEPPER: Italian legume flour steamed in varying proportions between (white beans, chickpeas, yellow lentils and yellow peas), 15% quinoa, 3% whole sea salt, 1% lemon, 0.2% white pepper. Gluten Free.

INTRECCI CORN, LEGUMES AND MILLET: 45% Steamed yellow corn, 35% LEGÙ® legumes (steamed and hulled legumes in varying proportions of white beans, chickpeas, yellow peas), 15% steamed white corn, 5% steamed millet. Gluten Free.

VEGAN AMARETTI: Sugar, kernels (min 35%), LEGÙ® blend (min 17%), ALMONDS (min 13%). Gluten Free.

ÙNICA CORN, ALMOND AND VANILLA BISCUIT: 25% steamed, shelled legume flour (in variable proportions between white beans, chickpeas, shelled yellow lentils, yellow peas), sugar, sunflower oil, (15%) ALMOND flour , 11% corn flour, corn starch, natural leavening agent: baking soda, salt, (0.15%) natural vanilla flavors. Gluten Free.

MEATBALL MIX: LEGÙ® blend 80% (steamed and dried legume flour in variable proportions including white beans, chickpeas, hulled yellow lentils, red lentils, yellow peas), steamed and dried cereals (white corn, yellow corn, millet), whole sea salt, pepper, turmeric, tomato, paprika, parsley, oregano. Gluten Free.

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