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Hot Chocolate Mix


The quick and practical solution for making delicious gluten-free hot chocolate!

Properties Gluten Free – 100% Natural
Rich in vegetal protein – Rich in fiber
Preparation Per serving in 125ml milk, according to taste, 2-3

tablespoons of chocolate mix, stirring well.

Portions 130g for 4 servings

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Ingredients: Coconut sugar, bitter cocoa, LEGÙ® legume flour (varying proportions of white beans, chickpeas, yellow lentils, yellow peas), spirulina. Gluten Free.

Characteristics: gluten-free, without additives, natural source of vegetable proteins, high fiber content, artisanal, produced in Italy, balanced recipe.

Preparation: Heat 125ml milk or vegetable drink in a small saucepan. Once lukewarm, turn down the heat, add the MIX.
Stir well, let simmer until desired consistency. Pour and serve while still hot.

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Weight 130 g



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