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Organic Meatball Mix


The solution for a quick and tasty meal! Prepare them in just 1 minute with water because everything is cooked.

You can serve the meatballs without cooking them or you can brown them or add them to a tomato sauce.

It can also be used as a breading or give the dough a larger shape as a burger.

With Italian legumes already soaked, steamed and dried twice.

Characteristics Gluten Free – 100% Natural
Source of fiber and vegetable protein
Vegan – Organic
Preparation 1 minute with water
Cooking Time 2/3 minute

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Ingredients: 70% steamed and dried legumes* (in variable proportions between chickpeas*, yellow lentils*), steamed and dried cereals* (white corn*, yellow corn*, chickpeas*, yellow lentils*, millet*) tomato*, whole sea salt, oregano*, pepper*, turmeric*, sweet paprika*, basil*, rosemary*. Gluten Free. (*Organic)

Ingredients to add: 150 g of water.

Preparation: Pour the preparation into a bowl and mix with water, shape the meatballs with the help of your hands. You can give larger shapes like burgers and if you like you can add grated vegetables or cheese in the center. The ingredients are already cooked and ready to use, if you like them cold, you can serve them without cooking them. If you like, you can brown them or add them to a tomato sauce.

Characteristics: gluten-free, without additives, rich in vegetable proteins, high fiber content, artisanal, produced in Italy, balanced recipe.

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