In 2015 Monica Neri, with creativity, study and passion, gave life to LEGÙ®.

With a specific training course (from hospitality to a degree in Economics of the agri-food system) he discovered the world of legumes, their incredible properties and variations in cooking, combined with prevention and health.

A personal event gave birth to the idea.

“In the beginning Legù was developed as a personal project due to my particular nutritional needs caused by a pregnancy induced diabetes.
I chose legumes for their low carbohydrates and sugar levels, and also because they belong to our rich rural heritage wich is very much a “forgotten” food source these days.”.

LEGÙ® wants to bring legumes, a genuine pillar of the Mediterranean diet, to the modern table.


Philosophy and Innovation

LEGÙ® is dedicated to research and innovation, its driving force is:

LEGÙ® wants to bring legumes, a genuine pillar of the Mediterranean diet, to the modern table.

Food must be healthier, tastier and easier to prepare:

100% natural while doing no harm to the environment.

LEGÙ® has developed new, convenient and delicious products from steamed legumes by creating new products while retaining all of the associated health benefits.

“legumes are a main course like meat fish and eggs”.

Source: WHO – World Health Organization


La sostenibilità è al centro della nostra filosofia aziendale: dalle materie prime, alla produzione fino alla distribuzione.

Legù® production begins with a careful selection of raw materials.

The origin is guaranteed 100% Italian and gluten-free.

Foods that are good for health are also sustainable for the Planet.

The production of proteins from plants has a low environmental impact with

  • Reduced water usage
  • Low CO2 emissisons

Our packaging is eco friendly, printed with water-based inks, is solvent-free and uses

100% recyclable or fully compostable coming from renewable sources (100% cellulose)”.

Academy and Experts

LEGÙ® wants to share its philosophy by visiting production site, workshops, cooking and food experiences held in cooperation with schools, chefs, nutritionists and experts.


Send us your booking request to visit our office
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Nutritional Consulting

Who we are: A biologist expert in nutrition and a communication expert who passionately believe in the revolutionary power of responsible nutrition.

Mission: we want to be the lookout who, in the shopping cart, easily points the way to those who are looking for the way to a healthy diet for themselves and sustainable for the planet.

Partners: we work with those who share our values and use their wisdom to improve the world through nutrition.


visit the website www.foodwatcher.it

or the Instagram profile @food_watcher_

“Quality first of all. Also (and above all) at the table “. Sara Bartolaccini, Biologist and Nutritionist, is convinced of this, for ten years engaged in research (with particular attention to rare pediatric diseases) and in the dissemination of the rules of healthy eating, essential for all ages.

With her Sara she learns to shop consciously, to read labels and to stay away from fake news. Sara uses all her hospital experience to concretely help people (especially those suffering from various diseases) to regain their physical well-being, thanks to a healthy – complete and correct eating style! Sara also has valuable advice in store for moms and dads. She starts from weaning, to then touch all the stages of the baby’s growth.

“Teaching our little ones to eat well is essential” – says Sara, also a mother. “Together with our children, we can rediscover the importance of a healthy and careful diet, and the value of time spent at the table, shared with the family”.

Dr. Bartolaccini Nutritionist Biologist

Email: sara.bartolaccini.1984@gmail.com

Nutritionist Biologist Specialist in Food Sciences. I obtained a master’s degree in Quality and Safety of Human Nutrition and a specialist diploma in Food Sciences from the University of Milan. In 2018 I obtained the Diploma in the Postgraduate Course “Lean mass and protein metabolism” at the University of Pavia. Enrolled in the National Order of Biologists since 2010. I am a freelance professional in various areas, including Monza, Lissone, Milan, Sesto San Giovanni and Como. I collaborate with some associations that deal with Parkinson’s disease. For some time I have been dealing with localized weight loss, diet therapy for healthy and pathological subjects, personal coaching, natural nutrition and dietary advice for various physiological situations. I also deal with training in HACCP, Food Safety and Safety at Work. I have obtained the certifications of Functional Training Instructor, Fitness for the Third Age and for the Developmental Age, as well as Postural Gymnastics. I love to define myself as an “eclectic biologist passionate and enthusiastic about her work, grasping the possible interconnections between proper nutrition and the various aspects of psychophysical well-being.

I am a research biologist specializing in nutrition, but I am also a lover of good food.
Nutrition for me is a real passion. Together we will build a personalized nutritional education path, which will allow you to reach the set goal and improve the quality of life.
I will guide you towards the preparation of healthy, beautiful and tasty recipes, because we nourish ourselves with all the senses!

Visit my Instagram profile @illab_dellasalute or Facebook @ Lab.dellaSalute and try some of my recipes!

Dr. Pamela Prini, PhD
Researcher & amp; Nutritionist Biologist
Facebook -Instagram- Email

I am Dr. Valeria Formica, a nutritionist biologist. My objective? Making people feel good through their bodies. Diet has effects on health and well-being, even before weight control.
Centimeters, numbers, kilos. These are all important figures, but they represent the outline of an extensive work to be done together, hand by hand. Everyone is convinced that you only go to the nutritionist to lose weight. Wrong: there are those who need to increase their muscle mass, those who suffer from eating disorders, allergies, intolerances, or simply have the desire and intention to correct their eating habits. “Mens sana in corpore sano”, the Latins used to say. Healty mind in healty body. Translated: eat better to feel better.
Becoming a nutrition biologist has always been my dream. My passion has become my profession.

Dr. Valeria Formica
Nutritionist Biologist
email: nutrizionistaformica@gmail.com
website: www.nutrizionistaformica.com


In his clinic we do not talk about diet but about food education through real food that is found in small family-run shops or in organic shops where you can find the quality of raw materials and / or Km0.

Healthy eating is created through awareness and inspiration to create synergy between food, flavor and color. Because food must satisfy our 5 senses to develop well-being and health.


dietista valentina lizza

Graduated in dietetics with honors, Riccardo’s mother for 2 years, she has been working for 10 years in school catering, stipulating menus for schools and carrying out food education courses for children aged 3 to 11.

She is passionate about nutrition in children, during weaning and during pregnancy.

For 10 years, she has also attended the world of fitness and bodybuilding which has led her to specialize in sports nutrition according to various objectives.

She believes in balance, in life as well as at the table.
No food should be banned in the diet of a healthy person (except in very rare cases or for ethical choices), within a framework of balance and healthy nutrition.

Valentina Lizza

Mobile: 3402864470

Ig: a.dietista.in.cucina

Email: valentinalizza1310@gmail.com

dietista Stefano Arlotto

Dietitian and Nutritionist Biologist
Personal Trainer FIPE lv1

Instagram @mytrofi_

Dietitian who deals with food education for healthy people and the development of personalized nutrition for therapeutic purposes.

“Whoever is the father of the disease, a bad diet was the mother” G. Herbert

Graduated with honors in Dietetics, Department of Medicine of the University of L’Aquila, he is continuing his studies in the sciences of the health care technical professions. He is an ANDID member and registered under no. 159 of the Register at the TSRM-PSTRP order of L’Aquila-Teramo-Chieti-Pescara.

He has been practicing Judo at a competitive level for 21 years and since 2015 he has been a technical teacher at the A.S.D. Jujitsu Academy in L’Aquila (www.jujitsuacademy.it), taking care of the nutrition of some athletes.

You can contact him at the e-mail address latino.luigi@icloud.com

Rachele Aspesi, pharmacist and dietician specializing in nutrition education, combines the activity of pharmacist with nutritional advice to improve medicinal therapies and food supplementation. She specializes in oncological nutrition, she has been involved in nutrition education for years through numerous courses and meetings within the departments of oncology and gynecology, in various schools and is a speaker at conferences for health professionals. Her passions for writing and cooking have led her to be the author of articles and publications with an active presence on social networks and on the blog Feeding health by Farmacista33, culminating in the publication in 2020 of the book “Don’t call it diet”. . LSWR. She is convinced that proper nutrition is essential for a good quality of life: health is achieved and preserved above all at the table, learning the rules of healthy eating since childhood.

Ig and Fb dott.ssa_racheleaspesi

Mail racheleaspesi@gmail.com

Personal Trainer

Robychange provides practical information and ideas to learn how to manage and organize shopping and training in a conscious way.

My aim is to intrigue you and guide you on the journey of change towards the best version of you.