In 2015 after graduation as a food scientist Monica Neri established ITineri with it’s signature brand LEGÙ®

Il cibo può e deve essere più sano, più gustoso e più semplice da preparare.

LEGÙ® wants to bring legumes, a genuine pillar of the Mediterranean diet, to the modern table.


Gli alimenti che fanno bene alla salute sono sostenibili anche per il Pianeta.

Farm to table sustainability is a focus of ITineri business strategy: from raw materials, through production to distribution. Our packaging is eco friendly and the origin of the raw materials is guaranteed 100% Italian and gluten free.

Our packaging is eco friendly, printed with water-based inks, is solvent-free and uses 100% recyclable or fully compostable coming from renewable sources (100% cellulose)”.

Prodotti innovativi Leggeri e digeribili e veloci da preparare

Our product lines are more digestible and lighter because they are based on LEGUMES and STEAMED CEREALS to preserve the nutritional qualities of legumes.

“legumes are a main course like meat fish and eggs”.
Source: WHO – World Health Organization

Alimenti proteici con meno carboidrati e ideale per tutti

Practical and fast solutions. Rich in protein and fiber, low carb. Recommended for everyone (ideal for sportsmen, celiacs, diabetics, vegans, for diet, for children)

Tasty, innovative and artisanal wellness products whit legumes

ITineri has developed new, convenient and delicious products from steamed legumes by creating new products while retaining all of the associated health benefits.

Rich in protein and fiber

Food specialties gluten free, rich in proteins and low in carbohydrates

Gluten free

Suitable for gluten-free and celiac diets.

100% Natural

Without preservatives, additives and guaranteed by a completely Italian supply chain.

We organize site visits to make our reality and production processes known.


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